[TYPO3-english] inspiring people to share your location

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Mon Jun 29 07:12:14 CEST 2009

Thanks Georg
yeah they are making money out of it and Open Street Map would be nice if we
could have also the satellite on it.

I don't know when google will start charging for their maps, but also
opensource systems switch from noncharged to charged systems/models there is
not really a difference beside the fact that you could develop a source code
further which has been free for use before by yourself.

OpenSource doesn't not mean it is always FREE until you will get your
website/project ... with this open source running.

I do agree that it would be nice to have such a map also here in South East
Asia but to build up an accurate map like you have i.e. in Germany incl
Hiking Trails wold mean a real great effort of many many people adding their
stuff to the map. Perhaps in Future there will be more.

When you have a look in OSM to the roads already existing on Phuket Island
than 100% of them are NOT accurate. We tested it out here as we tried them
to be used as maps for official purposes. Every time you rent something or
need to deliver something or get a registered company the officials need a
map. Using OSM Maps people were not able to deliver the goods, using the
combined satellite/map view from google they are, ok and some even fail

You are perhaps right with the making money thing and they really make very
good money at the moment. Here in Asia people don't think much ahead. Today
is today and not tomorrow. So if they can make money today they will make
it. If they can't make it tomorrow they don't worry so much about today as
they already made the money yesterday they would need to survive until they
have found the entrance to the new source. I am pretty sure that they will
switch to OSM as soon as this is providing more info also here in Asia and
than they will make again perhaps even more money ;-) Don't worry about

Our customers at the moment don't have their own map servers and they don't
worry either using Google Maps. Actually they want to use Google Maps.

Here in China, and South East Asia still things which costs are much more
worth than an OpenSource Product which is better, more stable. Companies
like Microsoft, Adobe and also Google sponsor lots of Projects here to keep
their customers longterm glued to their products. Tomorrow we will have
another effort at a local university to get them to be a bit more OpenMinded
for OpenSource let's see. They already asked again for support of licenses
from Adobe, Microsoft and so on ... Even most of Microsoft and Adobe
Products used here i.e. in Thailand are copies nothing really serious is
happening against it, because those big ones have an even bigger interest
that it stays like it is.

Any way, your map is great and I like it and it would be nice to have it on


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