[TYPO3-english] Building a simple TYPO3 newsletter solution

Simon J simonj at removethis!mail.dk
Fri Jun 19 22:10:22 CEST 2009

Hi folks!

This is not really a TYPO3-question, but then again maybe:

I've developed a small easy-to-use newsletter module for TYPO3 for a 
client (who had difficulties using existing TYPO3 newsletter plugins), 
basically it just sends the TYPO3 page output to the subscribed mail 

It works great for recipients using Gmail, Hotmail and Mozilla 
Thunderbird. I know we can't expect to be able to deliver to all 
receipients, but especially Outlook 2007 seems to be very picky about 
the HTML content.

Even on a freshly installed Outlook 2007 the newsletter ends up in the 
spam folder (on 2nd run.. On 1st run the newsletter went straight 
through, but I suspect the spam filter was not initialized correctly at 
that point).

Anyone experienced the same? If so, what did you do to overcome the problem?

Whats best?
* Stripping all TYPO3-generated header content?
* Use XHTML or HTML4?
* Embedded or remotely loaded images?

Have a great weekend,

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