[TYPO3-english] Building a simple TYPO3 newsletter solution

Simon J simonj at removethis!mail.dk
Sat Jun 20 01:02:30 CEST 2009

Simon J skrev:
> Hi folks!
> This is not really a TYPO3-question, but then again maybe:
> I've developed a small easy-to-use newsletter module for TYPO3 for a 
> client (who had difficulties using existing TYPO3 newsletter plugins), 
> basically it just sends the TYPO3 page output to the subscribed mail 
> receipients.
> It works great for recipients using Gmail, Hotmail and Mozilla 
> Thunderbird. I know we can't expect to be able to deliver to all 
> receipients, but especially Outlook 2007 seems to be very picky about 
> the HTML content.
> Even on a freshly installed Outlook 2007 the newsletter ends up in the 
> spam folder (on 2nd run.. On 1st run the newsletter went straight 
> through, but I suspect the spam filter was not initialized correctly at 
> that point).
> Anyone experienced the same? If so, what did you do to overcome the 
> problem?
> Whats best?
> ===============================================
> * Stripping all TYPO3-generated header content?
> * Use XHTML or HTML4?
> * Embedded or remotely loaded images?
> Have a great weekend,
> Simon

A friendly person sent me this via Twitter:

Seems to be the cause of my headache, so I guess it's time to go back to 
plain old HTML

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