[TYPO3-english] Splitting one FCE in 2 FCE's

Henjo Hoeksma hphoeksma at stylence.nl
Wed Jun 17 17:20:45 CEST 2009

Hi Tapio,

thanks for your reply.

> please use templavoila group asking this templavoila issues
Will do next time. Thanks for pointing this out.

>> Is it possible to split that one element into 2 different elements 
>> without loss of data?
> I don't think so - as normal content element you can use some plugin, 
> which split one content element into several pieces - I don't remember 
> any name and I don't have experience on those
Interesting - never heard of it before.

>> Since the content is connected to the FCE it contians the content and I 
>> am able to copy it and change it to the new DS. In that case I would 
>> have to manually go through all pages and do the copy-paste action.
> use reference and you need to change only one content element
I am aware of the reference functionality. But since the 2 new FCE's 
will contain different info (i.g. image and the text) referencing will 
not do.

Thanks for your thoughts - I appreciate it.


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