[TYPO3-english] Typo3: A solid German car?

Georg Ringer news at ringerge.org
Tue Jun 9 13:30:26 CEST 2009


if you know TYPO3 so well, can you also begin to write its name 
correctly? And for next time, please add the text here too.

I think you are on the wrong track because TYPO3 4.x is still under 
heavy development, just follow the core list. There are many backports 
from v5 too.

Kasper has left as king but what is the problem with that, there is no 
influence on the current development, neither v4 or v5.

v5 is not just a german product, you would have noticed that if you 
would have read the member list. Anyway is this bad? Once it was a 
Danish product - was this bad?

TYPO3 is not dead and won't die.

Yeah German list is a bit more crowded - maybe because those need more 
help? It is just a part of a very big community. There is a french forum 
too and so on. Usergroups in Thailand.

You say "no high marks for usability" and I say "wtf". output is fully 
in your hand. If you dont get what you need, you are doing something wrong.

So all in all - sorry but it looks like your blog is dying and needs 
some new hits.



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