[TYPO3-english] grayscale images (with colored mask) )for tt_content

Tomas Mrozek mail at cascaval.com
Sun Feb 22 20:50:46 CET 2009

> 1. Change the .image_effects property to whatever Image Magick option 
> you want [3].
> This could be ok. Where and how can I do this?

The same way you made the changes that you described in your post. Add 
the appropriate definition in your TS setup:

tt_content.image.20.image_effects = -colorspace GRAY -gamma 2.0

> 2. Add new Image Magick option to that property by simply wrapping it as 
> .image_effects is stdWrap.
> This would be even better. But how could this work?

tt_content.image.20.image_effects.noTrimWrap = || -colorspace GRAY 
-gamma 2.0|

Tomas Mrozek
PS: Yet again, I didn't test it. You will have to try yourself whether 
it works.
PS 2: Use TypoScript Object Browser to explore currently set TypoScript 
values. It helps a lot!

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