[TYPO3-english] getText = DB:pages:xx:title and multilang problem

Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff vsbies at wp.pl
Sat Feb 21 16:42:23 CET 2009

ellou' List!

I'm building some kind of sitemap via TypoScript - which gets menu 
positions from different PageTree branches and 'glues' them into one 
list (in other order then placed in structure). All I need to finish the 
work is header for each column which I'd like to create from page's 
title. I'm using such syntax and in general it works:

   10.myHeader = TEXT
   10.myHeader.data = DB:pages:123:title

Unfortunately this TS gets only default language, and I cannot fetch 
lebels in other languages (I'm using common methods for language 
changing L=1... sys_language_uid etc.) I shouldn't 'hardcode' the labels 
in TypoScript, cause it should be editable for BE users (via Page or 
List module). What can I do in this situation???

With best regards, Marcus

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