[TYPO3-english] ldap auth / sso / single user database

Michael Miousse mmiousse at infoglobe.ca
Mon Feb 23 14:43:00 CET 2009

Le Sat, 21 Feb 2009 15:09:43 +0000, Antonio Willybiro a écrit :

> Hi there,
> I plan to design several community websites with typo3 + vbulletin on
> each (actually i already have enough website running to do that right
> now) What i want is all the typo3 sites and vBulletin installs to use
> the same user database.
> I was wondering what would be the best option to connect all this
> website together.
> Please note that I cant  (dont want to) have them  on the same page
> tree.
> I want to be able to properly manage/sync usergroups from both typo3 and
> vB and all user record fields (standard or extended i.e. from custom
> extension which extend fe_user)
> There are several ldap extension on the TER and for vB i found that one:
> http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=196596&highlight=ldap I
> was wondering if anyone had experience doing such thing and what
> extension you would recommend etc..?
> Thanks
> Antonio

I do have some experience in ldap sso connection. When i first wanted to use ldap,
their where not a lot of extension to do this and i was not confortable with the so 
i created on with one of my collegue. 

Since that day we always use are extension 
for anything relevent to ldap. But a lot of extension have been created since so 
maybe there is an other one that will correspond your needs.


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