[TYPO3-english] A way to authenticate Typo3-Users/Admins via SSH

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Wed Feb 18 13:11:07 CET 2009


> Sebastian Schnur wrote:
>> is there any way to authenticate Typo3-Users and Admins via SSH? Maybe
>> SSH and LDAP.
>> I know, that the Users/Admins are stored in a MySQL-Table.
> How are you going to create your browser's cookie using ssh? :)

I guess you are talking about letting your BE users authenticate on your 
server and gain SSH access?

Then I would let SSH use a pam_ldap mechanism and then use a LDAP 
extension for TYPO3 that let's you synchronize your user account in both 
direction. Because if you let them change their password from within 
TYPO3's backend, then they'll still have to use their "old" LDAP 
password if it is not synchronized back.

Xavier Perseguers

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