[TYPO3-english] TemplaVoila template not taking effect

Mostafa El-Guindy mostafanios at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 15 15:54:13 CET 2009

Hi guys,
I've been working with typo3 for the past 3 months but only as an editor. My client already has a nicely running website. However, I am now asked to re-design the website. The current website is using a templavoila template. I have created a new templavoila template for a new website and it seems to be well mapped. I have also created TypoScript template record for the new website and I checked the rootlevel, clear constants and clear setup checkboxes. The new website is on the same level as the current website. I have also set the General Record Storage page, the Page Template structure, the Use Template Design and the subpages fields. I am using the Draft Workspace.
My problem is that whenever I view the website (root page) with the new template it always views the template and the content from the current website, moreover, when I try to add any content it appears hidden. I really don't know why the new temaplate is not taking an effect on the new page. I have been stuck with this for a long time. 
And I also don't understand the relation between the TemplaVoila template and the TypoScript template record for the same site. Your help is highly appreciated.
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