[TYPO3-english] Issue after removing 'fr' part [explanation of the problem]

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Sun Feb 15 14:49:25 CET 2009


> Xavier Perseguers wrote:
>> In fact yes. But I found a solution. Now if there exists another
>> "official" solution, then I would be happy to know how I may adhieve
>> this goal but I fear there is no ready-made solution, this is why I
>> searched for myself.
> Check RealURL manual for _DOMAINS feature :) This features allows to set the L var for the domain name. I.e. fr.example.com will automatically get L=0, de.example.com will automatically get L=1, etc. There will be no /fr/ or /de/ in the URL, language is determined by a domain name. In TS you can still use conditions on L.

Let's me explain exactly what I need and I guess you will understand why 
I'm pretty sure _DOMAINS feature is not what will help.

I have following structure:

|-- domain1
|   |-- page1
|   |-- page2
|   `-- mount point for shared pages
|-- domain2
|   |-- page1
|   |-- page2
|   `-- mount point for shared pages
`-- shared pages sysfolder
     |-- page1
     `-- page2

- domain1 should be accessible from http://domain1.domain.tld
- domain2 should be accessible from http://domain2.domain.tld

There is no language there.

Both domain1 and domain2 should be accessible in French, German, English 
and Italian *but* editors of domain1 should enter default text in French 
while editors of domain2 should enter default text in German (you know, 
Switzerland is small but we have multiple "mother" languages)

Shared pages are handled by myself, are available in all four languages 
but I arbitrarily decided that their default language is English.

This means that sys_language_uid = 0 will output content in French when 
showing content page1 or page in domain1, in German for page1 and page2 
of domain2 and in English when showing "mounted" content from either 
domain1 or domain2

Xavier Perseguers

One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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