[TYPO3-english] Issue after removing 'fr' part [explanation of the problem]

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Sun Feb 15 14:54:13 CET 2009

> Both domain1 and domain2 should be accessible in French, German, English 
> and Italian *but* editors of domain1 should enter default text in French 
> while editors of domain2 should enter default text in German (you know, 
> Switzerland is small but we have multiple "mother" languages)

BTW, the *real* problem with TYPO3 4.x is that it does not allow me to 
start writing my page in /any/ available language. In my case with 
domain1 and domain2 that's OK, I do not need more but let's take my 
personal website in French and English. Sometimes I would like to start 
writing in English and some other time in French first.

Perhaps I'm in a mood of better thinking in English than in French or I 
have material in English and not in French or the other way around.


Xavier Perseguers

One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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