[TYPO3-english] Multilanguage site with mnogosearch

Marco Michely tribun99 at gmx.de
Tue Feb 10 17:01:23 CET 2009


i think it can be done relative easy, whitout any subdomains.
Here's a (partially, see below) working setup on one of our projects (first try with mnogoSearch and the TYPO3 extension for it).

In the "mnoGoSearch indexing configuration" (Dataset on the root-Page) add the following to "Additional indexer configuration":

Section Charset 11 32
Section Content-Type 12 64
Section Content-Language 13 16

Now it's important, that you've every Page correctly configured by TS. Do it for default language. Also for every additional language by using conditions.

Here is an example:

[globalVar = GP:L=3]
config {
    sys_language_uid = 3
    language = en
    locale_all = en_EN
    htmlTag_langKey = en
page.meta {
      Language = en
      Content-language = en

Now you can do an automatic language selection for search. Add the code below to your TS-Config:

plugin.tx_mnogosearch_pi1 {
    # Search options
    search {
        extendedConfiguration {
            g < page.meta.Content-language

But attention: That solution does'nt work properly if you have external documents (in my case it was PDF) indexed. That's because the mnogoSearch guesser don't know what language the PDF has. 

In other words: In case of filter for a language the pdf's cant be found because they are'nt allocated to any language. _You will find normal pages only._

We haven't found a solution for this here.
If you are interestet to this, you can track my thread:


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