[TYPO3-english] News categories and FE groups

Sergio Catalá scatala at iti.upv.es
Tue Feb 10 14:08:20 CET 2009


thank you for your answers (Xavier, Michael and Dmitry) in this thread:


Finally, I got working my authentication protocol through "eu_ldap"
extension and didn't have to touch login code. I needed some special
requests that I needed to cover for my company. I made some changes to
"eu_ldap" extension and it worked great!

Now I face on the following problem (related to this subject):

* I've got two FE groups: Partners (1) and Researchers (2).

* I've got two news categories: those addressed to Partners (3) and
those addressed to Researchers (4). 

* News list includes both categories (3 and 4) but go to the same page
for article's content. (1) and (2) can see this list without problem.
* Inside page's content I've got a protected SINGLE news plugin. Only
(1) and (2) can see the article's content. So the same login box is used
to login both types of users in my FE.

* My objective: 

** Only (1) can see news with category (3).
** Only (2) can see news with category (4).

How can I do to apply this restriction? Any clues?

Thanks in advance, 

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