[TYPO3-english] good typo 3 hoster

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 20:18:47 CET 2008


Jonas Kaiser wrote:
> I really like typo3 and would like to continue using it so I am looking for
> webhosts that can provide good performance when running typo3 at a
> reasonable price (I am a student and this thing is rather intended for
> learning typo3 on a live webpage - incase you are going to suggest running
> on localhost ;-) ), say not more than 10€, maybe 15 €, per month.

Firsts, there was exactly the same topic two or three days ago. Did
you try to search before posting the same question?

Secondly, if you expect to pay for a hosting 5€ and run enterprise
level CMS on it (=TYPO3), you are out of luck. Raise your funds or
choose another CMS. TYPO3 needs resources and 5€ hosting will never
be able to provide those. You have to pay if you want to run
enterprise level CMS.

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