[TYPO3-english] good typo 3 hoster

Jonas Kaiser jk431 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 23 19:45:08 CET 2008

Dear list,
I am currently managing three webprojects: two of them are typo3 instances
and the third is a serendipity blog.
The first of them runs on a small university webserver. The page loads
quickly and everything is quite nice (its for free) but I will not continue
to have access to that option for very long (unfortunately).

The rest is hosted on a shared webspace at www.1und1.de
They provide a wide range of features for a low price (albeit not
ImageMagick) but performance went into the basement once I installed typo3
(the blog is running without too much delay but I guess that is because its
structure is just simpler). :-(

I really like typo3 and would like to continue using it so I am looking for
webhosts that can provide good performance when running typo3 at a
reasonable price (I am a student and this thing is rather intended for
learning typo3 on a live webpage - incase you are going to suggest running
on localhost ;-) ), say not more than 10€, maybe 15 €, per month.

Ideally I would like to have a small number of mail boxes, the typo3
requirements, 2 or more mysql databases, enough traffic, ssh access, ftp
access (1 or more) and the ability to manage at least two domains and a
bunch of subdomains from the online interface.

I don't require any fancy website creator tools and stuff like that as I
consider myself at least somewhat technically literate, but I am looking for
good value (i.e. machine specs) for money.

As most of you are running typo3 pages of varying sizes, I though I might
just ask you for any ideas about which providers might suit my needs
Note: I am perfectly fine with small scale providers as long as they can
provide the service and they appear reasonably serious. Also a german
provider might be sensible as my homeaaddress is located there.

I am looking forward to your suggestions (and maybe examples of typo3 pages
that run smoothly on those suggested hosting packages),
yours sincerely

Jonas Kaiser
Churchill College - Cambridge

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