[TYPO3-english] push2rss_3ds / tt_news: RSS links not working correctly

Oliver Rowlands oliver at liquidlight.co.uk
Sun Nov 9 13:29:39 CET 2008

Hi Bob,

Is there any reason why you are using EXT:push2rss_3ds instead of the 
default EXT:tt_news RSS/Atom/RDF syndication feeds?

I am not sure about the support for multiple feeds with EXT:push2rss_3ds 
though this is not be a problem if you use the default EXT:tt_news feeds 
as long as you have your TypoScript configured correctly.

Best regards,


Bob wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a problem with push2rss_3ds 0.1.3 ("RSS feed from records") and 
> tt_news ("News") in TYPO3 4.1.6.
> I use tt_news for three separate sections of the site: a Press Releases 
> section, two blogs and a glossary. As well as their own pages, each 
> section has its own System Folder for storing tt_news records.
> Links from the RSS feed to the Press Releases section work fine. 
> However, links from the RSS feed to either of the blogs don't work 
> correctly. Instead they take the user to the Press Releases section, and 
> apparently try to load the blog article there. But since it doesn't 
> exist within that section, the wrong article is loaded.
> (No links to the Glossary appear in the RSS feed, but I imagine they'd 
> behave the same way as the Blog links.)
> I can't actually see where the RSS feed even gets the id of the Press 
> Releases page from to incorporate into the links! The record for a feed 
> entry doesn't seem to contain it, and it doesn't seem to be set in the 
> template either.
> Anyone got any ideas? Can push2rss_3ds only support one instance of 
> tt_news?
> Thanks,
> Bob

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