[TYPO3-english] push2rss_3ds / tt_news: RSS links not working correctly

Bob bitsandbob at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 8 20:46:45 CET 2008


I've got a problem with push2rss_3ds 0.1.3 ("RSS feed from records") and 
tt_news ("News") in TYPO3 4.1.6.

I use tt_news for three separate sections of the site: a Press Releases 
section, two blogs and a glossary. As well as their own pages, each 
section has its own System Folder for storing tt_news records.

Links from the RSS feed to the Press Releases section work fine. 
However, links from the RSS feed to either of the blogs don't work 
correctly. Instead they take the user to the Press Releases section, and 
apparently try to load the blog article there. But since it doesn't 
exist within that section, the wrong article is loaded.

(No links to the Glossary appear in the RSS feed, but I imagine they'd 
behave the same way as the Blog links.)

I can't actually see where the RSS feed even gets the id of the Press 
Releases page from to incorporate into the links! The record for a feed 
entry doesn't seem to contain it, and it doesn't seem to be set in the 
template either.

Anyone got any ideas? Can push2rss_3ds only support one instance of tt_news?



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