[TYPO3-english] Need help with CoolURI

Aquamarine Verner aquamarine_verner at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 8 04:01:13 CET 2008

Thanks, Jan, I understand much more.> > BTW. I think I saw in tutorial (or manual) that after I create CoolUriConf.xml and go to backend module then click "Delete everything and start again" (in the actual module it mispel "AGAING") after that if I go to "Cached Links" I suppose to see "translation matrix". But I didn't see anything there. What is actually I have to do?> > It does what it says. It deletes everything in the both tables so it can > start with clean sheet. It means you need to go to your website root so > the links will be generated.> 
Now that's the problem. I've cleaned up for several times but there is no link generated at all.
I cannot access even my root page unless I create new link for the root page first.
I can access any non-cached page if I turn caching off but then I cannot set link to go to certain page ID.
It always go to root page no matter what which is not my desired.
Here is my CoolUriConf.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><cooluri> <cooluris>1</cooluris> <savetranslationto>_GET</savetranslationto>
 <cache>  <usecache>1</usecache>  <params2cool>   <checkforchangeevery>1</checkforchangeevery>  </params2cool>  <cool2params>   <translateifnotfound>0</translateifnotfound>   <oldlinksvalidfor>365</oldlinksvalidfor>  </cool2params>  <cacheparams>0</cacheparams>
  <pagenotfound>   <status>HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found</status>   <behavior type="message"><![CDATA[ <h1>Page not found!</h1> ]]></behavior>  </pagenotfound> </cache>
 <uri>  <var>_SERVER</var>  <part>HTTP_HOST</part>  <part>REQUEST_URI</part> </uri>
 <pathseparators>  <separator>/</separator> </pathseparators>
 <pagepath>  <title>tx_realurl_pathsegment,alias,subtitle,title</title>  <saveto>id</saveto>  <default>0</default>  <userfunc>tx_cooluri->getPageTitle</userfunc>  <t3conv>1</t3conv> </pagepath>
 <valuemaps>  <valuemap>   <parameter>L</parameter>   <value key="">0</value>   <value key="en">1</value>   <value key="th">2</value>  </valuemap> </valuemaps>
 <predefinedparts>  <part key="(.+)" regexp="1">   <parameter>tx_game[platform]</parameter>   <value>$1</value>   <lookindb>    <from>SELECT uid FROM tx_game_platforms WHERE alias='$1' AND deleted!=1</from>    <to>SELECT alias FROM tx_game_platforms WHERE uid=$1 AND deleted!=1</to>    <translatefromif>     <match>^.+$</match>    </translatefromif>    <translatetoif>     <match>^[0-9]+$</match>    </translatetoif>    <t3conv>1</t3conv>   </lookindb>  </part>  <part>   <parameter>no_cache</parameter>  </part> </predefinedparts>
I suspect that there is something wrong with my configuration.
Please help. I spent 5 days in a row to figure this out already.
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