[TYPO3-english] static_info_tables: (getTCAlabelField) Problem with languages with ISO code different than TYPO3 code [bug #10038]

Manuel Rego Casasnovas mrego at igalia.com
Tue Dec 30 20:23:24 CET 2008


I've just reported a bug related with a problem in method
getTCAlabelField when you use a language that has a TYPO3 code different
than ISO code.

These language appears on $isoArray at t3lib_cs [2]

The problem is because static_info_tables extensions for these languages
use ISO code instead of TYPO3 (i.e. static_info_tables_da) and then a
fields with prefix "_dk" doesn't exist.

So, I'm not completely sure if it's a problem with function
getTCAlabelField or it's because these static extensions should be
called with TYPO3 code. However I've changed some time ago from
static_info_tables_ga (with TYPO3 code) to static_info_tables_gl (ISO
code), however I don't remember properly the reasons for this change
(maybe I found the extension static_info_tables_da and I think that this
extension is right).

Anyway I provide a patch attached in the bug report to fix the issue
directly on static_info_tables extension just adding one line:
$lang = $csConvObj->isoArray[$lang] ? $csConvObj->isoArray[$lang] :

Best regards,

[1] http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=10038

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