[TYPO3] print version bug?

Horn Gábor gabor at h3online.hu
Thu Nov 29 11:41:20 CET 2007


i would like to ask your opinion please about a quite strange problem we 
faced when developing a new page. Check this page:


and please click on the "DRUCKFORMAT" menu at the top menu to get the 
prinatbel version. The Printable version shows correct in the popup, but 
if you ask your browser to display the print preview of this page then 
you can see the 1st page is correct, but after it teh following pages 
aren't displayed correctly.

I don't know where the problem is? We use the standard image w/ text 
elements to positioning images and text, nothing we changed in typo3 
source etc. As i see theoretically the following areas could be teh 
source of the problem:

1, a bug in css_styled_content css, a small one which doesn't appear in 
the browser neither under IE nor FF
2, the css_sytled_content generated css is ok, but somehow when it is 
converted to teh print version (maybe postscript format? not sure about 
it) the browsers make a mistake (but both ie and ff?!)
3, maybe the broswers use some OS api to do this conversion and that 
isn't perfect?

Can anybody tell me please if tehy can reproduce this bug or know any 
solution how to solver it?

thanks, hirisov

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