[TYPO3] RealURL - Simulate Subdirectories

John D. Shull clfcwebmaster at clfconline.com
Mon Nov 19 20:04:11 CET 2007

For any future generations who stumble across this post, I solved this 
issue simply by nesting the directories within the page tree instead of 
each department header page floating alongside the main page.  RealURL 
works with the standard configuration.  My previous setup may have been 
more geared towards setting up a page tree for multiple domains.

Live and learn.


John D. Shull wrote:
> Because it never hurts to ask...
> Sub-departments are not nested in the base page's tree, but rather its 
> own main page with subpages.  Giving the sub-department's template the 
> configuration:
> config.baseURL = http://www.domain.com/departmentdirectory/

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