[TYPO3] problem with modern template tutorial

Niko Bauer info at poorandstarving.com
Mon Nov 19 20:41:50 CET 2007

I'm trying to learn typo3 and have now been stuck for two days at the 
same point in the Modern Template Building tutorial. Can't find any 
solution in the newsgroup archives or Google...

I'm at "1.3. Part 1: Integration of an HTML template". I have followed 
all instructions, the tutorial / dummy site does come up but all the css 
and graphics are missing:


What am I doing wrong? The paths seem to be correct, the files are in 
their correct folders and aren't corrupted but they don't show up in the 
page. If I type in the direct url to the jpgs they don't show up either:


Trying that only gives "page not found". So for some reason typo3 or the 
server is blocking the files or can't find them, the html template is 
obviously readable though. I have been re-doing and checking the code 
hours on end but can't get it right...


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