[TYPO3] Bug? Titles of palettes missing in BE!

André Spindler typo3 at andre-spindler.de
Thu Nov 1 20:49:05 CET 2007


Setting up the TCA for an new extension, I found something strange:
In the definition of the 'types' section you can include the palettes you
define in the 'palettes' section. That's no problem, so far.
But when including a palette with the key '--palette--',it is possible to
set a title for this palette to be displayed like
I found this possibility in the CORE API of Typo3.
But when opening a record in the BE, there was no title for this palette,
only the fields of the palette itself.
First, I thought my definition was wrong, but I found no mistake. Then I
looked into the TCA definition of the tt_content and was surprised: there
are titles for the palettes defined, too. But these titles are also not
Looking in the html code, I found no occurence of the missing labels. It's
seem's not to be a problem of the browser. But there are two spaces
(" "), left from the palette. Should the title be displayed there but

So I don't kno what's wrong. My Typo3-Installations are all Versions 4.1.3,
and 4.0.2, and I find this error in both of them.
Or is there some "secret" hack or option to show the titles?

André Spindler

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