[TYPO3] Restrict site/page loading based on HTTP_REFERER

Darko Jr. Gonzalez jkokino at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 22:28:21 CET 2007


I am about to test this on a single page or a new typo3 website
installation. Example: There are websites A and B. The user goes to website
A. Now on the homepage of this website (A) there is a link to website B. If
user clicks the link, then website B opens/loads and the user can see it. If
the user tries to load the site B directly, or by clicking on a link on a
website other than A, then website B wont load.  How can I do this?

I can use condition like this in TS setup:
[globalString = IENV:REMOTE_ADDR = 192.168.*]
all the site content and configuration here
nothing here

But this will check the user's IP, I need the refering address/host. Is it
possibly to do it via Typo3 or maybe I need to look elsewhere like
If possible with Typo3 can you please provide an example and eventually, in
addition tell me where I can look/read for more system variables (in
addition to tsref)?


P.S. Now that I think of it, maybe javascript or simple php script will do
it..while not Typo3 solution per se, it is possible?

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