[TYPO3] Setting the page title through TypoScript

Lamb, Brian blamb at jcvi.org
Mon Nov 5 15:49:03 CET 2007

Thank you both for your help. I achieved my solution with: 

config.noPageTitle = 2

# declare a page header text object
page.headerData.3 = TEXT
page.headerData.3.insertData = 1

# wrap the custom data with the following page.headerData.3.wrap =
<title>My page: |</title> page.headerData.3.value = {leveltitle:1}

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Hello all, 


By default, my page titles are "Company: <page name>". Is there a way to
update this via TypoScript? I would like the page title to be "Company:
<first level page name>". In other words, if I have a page on the first
level called "About", then that page and all of its subpages would have
the title "Company: About". 



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