[TYPO3] CoolUri & SQL engine parse ERROR

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Fri Jul 20 18:34:08 CEST 2007

Dimitry don't be an angry man

Those hints help to solve problems, i.e. without my hint you won't have
written your nice command.
You see - you just solved problems! Thanks!

So don't worry. Instead we should be happy as Cooluri is now working
perfectly :-) better since!

You see - that's why people ask you first - have you tunred on your
computer! I do the same if people are phoning to me in our hotline.
It is very important as only if the computer is turned on they can do step
by step searching for the error and give me more information. This step by
step just from scratch talking in hotlines is giving most people a very
secure feeling as they feel and see step by step how to approach a certain
problem and can repeat it by themself.

i.e. you are sitting in front of your computer and it is not working. OK
check if it is plugged in and you have pressed the startbutton If thi is not
working check the cable connection - its such as easy. With software it is
the same. Instead explaining in long long technical terms go down a
checklist of errors and delete those who aren't the ones - or who can't be.
If you don't do this and it is still not working you will probably get back
otherwise to those problems who CAN'T Be. If you have knocked them out in
your checklist it only takes a second and you won't get back :-)


2007/7/20, Dmitry Dulepov <dmitry at typo3.org>:
> Andreas Becker wrote:
> > That's the best way to solve problems - If you ever worked on a hotline
> you
> > will really be happy doing it like this instead of stiring hours in a
> > haystick of nothing.
> You know, I once called my local provider to ask why my internet is not
> working. First recommendation from them was to ensure that I powered on
> my PC. In turn I asked them how otherwise I would know that Internet is
> not working? They could not answer...
> Your advise was of the same usefulness as theirs. Sorry.
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