[TYPO3] TS template condition problem - COA with IMAGE and HMENU

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Sat Jul 14 00:58:18 CEST 2007

> I've been browsing the list for some hours now, looking for the right
> example... but either I've missed it or I might be the first to have
> this issue.
> I have created an COA container, containing an IMAGE header and a
> HMENU for subpages, now I need to make sure that the whole COA
> disappears if the HMENU is empty. I found an example:
> http://www.typo24.com/104025.html, but I can't use it since my COA
> won't be empty as the header will always be created.
> My TS template looks like this at the moment:
> lib.left = COA
> lib.left.wrap = <div class="sidebarContainer">|</div>
> lib.left.10 = IMAGE
> lib.left.20 = HMENU
> }
> Any pointers will be greatly appreciated :-)

Simply put the HMENU into another lib and use this twice, for checking and
as a copied menu in your original lib. I'll skip the content of each
element, since it will be exactly the same as you already posted.

lib.menu = HMENU

lib.left = COA
lib.left.if.isTrue.cObject < lib.menu
lib.left.wrap = <div class="sidebarContainer">|</div>
lib.left.10 = IMAGE
lib.left.20 < lib.menu



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