[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Fri Jul 13 14:49:59 CEST 2007

> I don't know what the real origin is of T3CON07, however
> what you write above means locking out people by price and this
> falls not in the spirit of open source (and god if I my say so).

T3CON07 mainly is a business event and not just a meeting for TYPO3 people 
from all over the world.
So yes, it might be not in the spirit of Open Source, but again it's not 
about locking people out but about getting the more solvent people involved, 
since they will indirectly pay the development of TYPO3 for the less solvent 
people as well.

> If what you write is true, then I wonder why there was not a cheaper
> location found so there is more money left over for the association?

Because people wouldn't pay such a high price for an event that is taking 
place at i.e. a youth hostel.
If you have to pay a few hundred bucks you have certain expectations 
regarding the location.

> Since you mention core developers I believe that most, if not all
> core developer
> have good payed jobs or are good payed freelancers in some sort and
> it's only an advertisement
> for themselves if they attend to T3CON07 (speakers are free anyways).
> Properly
> they can get there tax returned in some way as well.

But still there must be money to get things done, because most of the core 
developers can't spend more of their spare time for free as they already do.
So if there is something really urgent there must be money to pay someone 
for the job, and the T3CON is one source of this money.

> You also mention 'In comparison to other conferences' if TYPO3
> conferences where
> all your round like PHP for example, then some conference would be
> 'close' and some
> point and that wills save travel fees a lot.
> What I pointed out is that we should do something for people from low
> payed countries, not
> for people from high payed countries.

Of course we should, but this is not the goal of the T3CON.
So feel free to setup a south american version of the T3CON but then the 
problem might be, that there are not enough people attending to call it a 
real "conference".
But maybe you got some other ideas about what could/should be done.

> However not all make good money, but want to be part of the TYPO3
> community,

Maybe you can think about a summer event too, to get more TYPO3 people 
coming to your country instead of going somewhere else to meet them.
I think there are lots of possibilities for other events that could be 
interesting for many people in the community.
It doesn't have to be the T3CON if it's just about being part of the 
community, does it?

> so I wanted (you? association? The sponsor? the organizers?) to do
> something
> for people that don't make 50 euro per hour, but make $5 an hour (see
> the difference?)

Definitely not me, since I don't organize the event and have no influence on 
the pricing.
And my personal income is definitely not capable of sponsoring the ticket 
for others .
Lowering the fees IMHO would not be a solution anyway, since after all you 
would still have to pay for the flight and the accomodation in Germany 
(which is something that can't be changed by the organisators) and thus 
would still be not affordable for people with a $5/h salary.

> PS: And please everybody, stop attacking people personally.

Who did?

Just my 0.02?


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