[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Fri Jul 13 14:25:31 CEST 2007

On Jul 13, 2007, at 3:13 AM, JoH asenau wrote:

>> The attendance of the conference shouldn't be annother control
>> instrument to secure his own interests - NO LOW PAID WORKERS - NO
>> - Sorry but for me it looks like this since many years!
> Sorry, but you are completely missing the point here.
> The T3CON first was planned to be a "Snowboardtour without snow" to  
> get rid
> of those hundreds of nerds that only came there to step on the  
> nerves of a
> core developer or even Kasper himself.
> On the other hand there was the T3 Association who desperately needed
> sponsoring to make the core developers keep up the good work and  
> concentrate
> on the important stuff.
> Maybe you remember the famous: "Free as in free speech, not as in free
> beer"?
> So the idea was: If we already got a conference happening in a  
> country with
> high wages, lets raise the prices to a very high level to get more  
> money for
> the assocation. If people from this region are really interested in  
> they will pay those prices (since they earn enough money to do so)  
> and this
> is profit for all of the TYPO3 users, since it will guarantee the  
> further
> development of TYPO3.
> Most of the core developers are living in countries with high wages  
> so they
> definitely need more money than a low paid worker in Thailand.
> Without the income of the T3CON i.e. there would be no V5-Team.
> And BTW: If you compare the prices to other conferences, they are  
> still
> quite low, but they are high enough to bring some return on  
> investment and
> this is what it's all about.
> But what about this: You could setup a yearly event that came up to
> discussion from time to time - T3DIVE.
> It would be the hot and wet counterpart to the snowboard tour and I  
> think
> Thailand would be a perfect location for it.
> So maybe this could be some possibility for your people to get
> a) in contact with the same people that come to the T3CON and
> b) make some money to sponsor your projects since those people  
> usually pay
> more than 1000 Euros for e stay in Phuket
> If you will be able to not call it the "WEC-CoolUrl-Diving-Tour" I  
> guess
> many people would be interested SCNR ;-)
> Joey


I don't know what the real origin is of T3CON07, however
what you write above means locking out people by price and this
falls not in the spirit of open source (and god if I my say so).

If what you write is true, then I wonder why there was not a cheaper
location found so there is more money left over for the association?

Since you mention core developers I believe that most, if not all  
core developer
have good payed jobs or are good payed freelancers in some sort and  
it's only an advertisement
for themselves if they attend to T3CON07 (speakers are free anyways).  
they can get there tax returned in some way as well.

You also mention 'In comparison to other conferences' if TYPO3  
conferences where
all your round like PHP for example, then some conference would be  
'close' and some
point and that wills save travel fees a lot.

What I pointed out is that we should do something for people from low  
payed countries, not
for people from high payed countries.

If I where a freelancer from holland (I am origionally dutch) wanting  
to go to T3CON,
then I would pay the fee, period.

However not all make good money, but want to be part of the TYPO3  
so I wanted (you? association? The sponsor? the organizers?) to do  
for people that don't make 50 euro per hour, but make $5 an hour (see  
the difference?)

Ries van Twisk

PS: And please everybody, stop attacking people personally.

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