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Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Tue Jul 10 15:20:51 CEST 2007


Andreas Becker wrote:
> I didn't say there is no support with real URl but it is often very
> difficult to get support for all those supplements of realUrl and also 
> often
> it causes conflicts to install those. This is totally different with
> cooluri. It is one extension offering everything out of the box including:

Well, I created my first RealURl config for a multidomain (7 total) 
sites with 3 languages in approxinately 15 minutea after reading realurl 
manual and looking to example from news.typo3.org. I was not familar 
with realurl at that moment. I do not know why others cannot do it. I 
could :)

I checked the features and it seems that most of them are in realurl 
too. RealURL is pretty old and static. It cannot be changed radically 
because compatibility is important. But I think it does well.

> instead of getting discoordinated thru other extensions like it happened
> with realUrl.

RealURL has mostly bugs, no new features asked. Bugs are waiting for my 
free time because I also have to code for life. I could spend more time 
on it when it was my hobby but now it is my life. But if someone 
sponsors the issue, I can fix it really quick.

>> to achieve nice looking URLs. But - and thats my own opinion and
> experience and everyone is free to follow it or not - if you want less time
> wasted in searching for solutions of your URL Problems in Mailinglists and
> Forum, then switch as soon as you got PHP5 available to CoolUri. You wont
> regret it - Try it!

Well, you should not have problems with realurl if you read manual :)

> I really don't know why people always get so angry when other people - in
> this case me - promote a better solution in their mind, instead of getting
> stuck in finding solutions which often takes days! Dimitry it is nothing
> personal against you as you are a great developer like Jan but in my 
> opinion

I see no problem with promoting anything but your message looked like I 
abandoned realurl support and realurl is a piece of crap comparing to 
something shining brightly :) It really did.

> By the way I used RealURL many years and also had most of the problems with
> it (and with Directmail) like people still post here in the mailinglist
> about RealURL (about 5-10 a day I guess) It took lots of time and time is
> money and money is hard to earn if you can't present your customer a 
> working
> solution. Since we switched to cooluri we don't have much more time for our
> customer. (Or we can produce much cheaper as we don't need so much time
> anymore)

Why *I* did not have them? Why am I so unlucky? :)

I still see that people try to do something with realurl and they 
clearly did not read docs before. They just do it as they see it, not 
the way they should do it according to manual. This is the main problem 
usually. May be I did not have problem because I actually ~read~ manual? :)

It reminds me trying to use invented properties on TS objects and 
complaining that they do not work. Each extension, each device, anything 
has its way of operation. If it is operated in other way - 
extension/device/anything is not responsible.

We all do mistakes but there is no need to put human mistakes to software.

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