[TYPO3] real url - multiple domains

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Tue Jul 10 15:00:18 CEST 2007

Hi Dimitry

First of all I would like to thank you for the support you are giving to
RealURL and TemplaVoila.

I didn't say there is no support with real URl but it is often very
difficult to get support for all those supplements of realUrl and also often
it causes conflicts to install those. This is totally different with
cooluri. It is one extension offering everything out of the box including:

URL Management
Full Multidomain Support
Full Multilanguage Support
Old Domains can be redirected easily to new domains
No complex and often difficult to understand values in localconf.php
- instead you have an easy to create xml File which can even be used by
multiple domains and by multiple TYPO3 Installations!
Spoken URLs can be kept from RealURL which means that you can use your same
URLs from realURL after switching to CoolURI
Full ErrorPage Handling
It is fast in rewriting the URLs
The clear structure in the CoolURI Xml File helps to achieve easily special
settings like
skipping complete pathsegments when rewriting URLs
Language Name or 2 Letters or whatelse after the domain or at last
and much more
For a Full Feature List have a look here:
(an excellent documentation of the abilities of CoolUri)

and more and more feature get even added as it is actively developed thru
Jan who is trying to add requests and improvements in CoolUri most instantly
instead of getting discoordinated thru other extensions like it happened
with realUrl.

If people are using PHP4 and haven't got the chance to switch to PHP5 they
have to use REALURL or jb_noindexphp
> to achieve nice looking URLs. But - and thats my own opinion and
experience and everyone is free to follow it or not - if you want less time
wasted in searching for solutions of your URL Problems in Mailinglists and
Forum, then switch as soon as you got PHP5 available to CoolUri. You wont
regret it - Try it!

I really don't know why people always get so angry when other people - in
this case me - promote a better solution in their mind, instead of getting
stuck in finding solutions which often takes days! Dimitry it is nothing
personal against you as you are a great developer like Jan but in my opinion
CoolUri should be integrated into TYPO3 5.0.

By the way I used RealURL many years and also had most of the problems with
it (and with Directmail) like people still post here in the mailinglist
about RealURL (about 5-10 a day I guess) It took lots of time and time is
money and money is hard to earn if you can't present your customer a working
solution. Since we switched to cooluri we don't have much more time for our
customer. (Or we can produce much cheaper as we don't need so much time

>... install ONE extension instead of multiple
> > extensions with often different or NO support.
> I would like you to explain these words. Do you mean that realurl has no
> support? If yes, it is not true.
> There is no need to install many extension with realurl for multidomain,
> it is only matter of configuring it. It works fine out of the box if
> configured correctly. So here you are wrong again.

As You can see in the above I NEVER said that it won't be possible to get
multiple domains working with realUrl and also NOT that there isn't any
support - please read carefully: I said OFTEN and meant mostly those

Nevermind :-)
Don't worry be happy with RealURL or stay COOL with CoolUri

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