[TYPO3] How to insert a copy of tt_content (content element) in frontend using typoscript or php

Anders Tillbeck at at opengate.dk
Wed Apr 25 12:39:08 CEST 2007

Mathias Schreiber [TYPO3] skrev:
> Anders Tillbeck schrieb:
>> This way I can with only two pages give 100 be_users one page to edit 
>> there content and users can see that content on the other page.
> I think I have a solution for your problem but first off I want to try 
> to clarify things so I'm sure I don't get you wrong:
> You want to create 100 pages in the pagetree (Backend) and each user 
> shall have access to one of these pages (like a small "Profile" for each 
> BE user).
> Then you want another page (which is available in the Frontend for the 
> Frontend User) to display all content elements the BE users have provided.
> Did I get this right?
> peace
> Mathias

Hi Mathias

Thanks for your post.
i can see my explanations was not all that clear.

No, I do not want 100 pages one content element but instead 1 page with 
100 content elements. so the setup would be one page with 100 allmost 
identical content elements, one for each be_user, with there profile 

Then I want a second page for all website visitors e.g with a dropdown 
with the 100 be_users. And when choosing one of them the visitor will 
see a page with the content element that belongs to that be_user.

Like this:

  - index.php?id=5 - where a be_user can edit there content element 
(though the frontend editing admin panel)
  - index.php?id=6&be_user=10 - where a website visitor will see page 6 
but with the content element for be_users 10.

Hope it makes sence.

BR. Anders

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