[TYPO3] How to insert a copy of tt_content (content element) in frontend using typoscript or php

Mathias Schreiber [TYPO3] mathias at typo3.org
Wed Apr 25 12:48:21 CEST 2007

Anders Tillbeck schrieb:
> No, I do not want 100 pages one content element but instead 1 page with 
> 100 content elements. so the setup would be one page with 100 allmost 
> identical content elements, one for each be_user, with there profile 
> content.

You do realize that you can set Backend permissions only on PAGE level, 
not on content element level?
This means that every BE user will be able to edit ANY content element 
on that page.

If this is no problem for you we can continue.

> Then I want a second page for all website visitors e.g with a dropdown 
> with the 100 be_users. And when choosing one of them the visitor will 
> see a page with the content element that belongs to that be_user.

I'd solve this with a small extension.

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