[TYPO3] How to Replace Database

Nate Russell webmaster at int-res.com
Mon Apr 16 13:38:40 CEST 2007

robin niemeyer wrote:
> Hi Nate,
> I think you want to setup a new local copy of your live environment? If 
> that's the case, you would run into trouble if you only do a DB update, 
> since your live DB may have been altered by extensions you haven't 
> installed in your testing environment.

This is true but I don't care. I just need to test a few things out. I 
would just rather do it in a local environment for the obvious reasons, 
that is, in the event I totally bork something up locally, hey, it's local.

> The best way to get both environment in sync would be (besides the DB 
> dump you actually made) to replace the fileadmin, uploads and typo3conf 
> folders in your local environment with the ones from your server.
That has already been done. I just want to get my current DB from the 
live server running locally as there is a lot of content I need to work 

> For the DB export/import stuff you can either do a 'mysqlimport' (see 
> the MySQL manual for more info) or, more convienient, use phpmyadmin 
> (see http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php), which you could 
> also install as an Typo3 extension.
> Just read your follow-up:
>> and the sql file I'm trying to import is   390MB.
> The max. import size for a MySQL dump with phpmyadmin is around 10 MB, 
> but there is a similar tool called HeidiSQL, which could handle much 
> larger dumps, but I don't know if this works for Mac OS. Maybe you can 
> take a look at the graphical tools provided by MySQL: 
> http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/gui-tools/5.0.html
I tried this but I keep getting an error that says:

Error loading backup file.
Error during character set conversion.

I get this no matter what Char set I choose. When I open the file in 
BBEdit it tells me the file is Western (Mac OS Roman)

What's that all about?

> On the other hand, you could also do a dump on a per table basis, so you 
> have smaller files.
> One last possibility would be to edit the dump files manually, i.e. to 
> cut some of the data, since you won't need every single content you have 
> in your life environment.

Yeah, but I know just enough about this to mess it up.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll keep working on it.


> Cheers,
> Robin
> Nate Russell schrieb:
>> Hello
>> I'm sure this is easy for the more experienced but I need help 
>> replacing a database. About a year ago I set up a copy of my website 
>> on my local machine so I can experiment with a few things. After a few 
>> false starts I finally got it up and running. Now I would like to 
>> replace the local database with a copy of my recent backup from the 
>> live server.
>> Doing this with the initial install tool was easy enough but I'm 
>> having problems doing this with the Database Analyser.
>> What is the proper way of doing this?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Nate
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