[TYPO3] How to Replace Database

Benjamin Todd b.todd at emnet.co.uk
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Actually, I have just found a way for me to migrate Typo3 installations
last week.

The Big Dump importer - http://www.ozerov.de/bigdump.php - will let you
import big SQL files.


Ben :)
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I'm sure this is easy for the more experienced but I need help replacing

a database. About a year ago I set up a copy of my website on my local 
machine so I can experiment with a few things. After a few false starts 
I finally got it up and running. Now I would like to replace the local 
database with a copy of my recent backup from the live server.

Doing this with the initial install tool was easy enough but I'm having 
problems doing this with the Database Analyser.

What is the proper way of doing this?

Thanks in advance,
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