[TYPO3] BE: Difference - Main User Group and User Gropu?

Michael Baker mbaker at pobox.com
Sat Apr 14 01:56:30 CEST 2007

I wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having difficulty setting up BE users.  I've successfully set up a 
> user group for two of my users and they have the access they need in the BE.
> However I've tried to set up similar groups for two of my other users, 
> but they don't work.
> When I look at User Admin | Compare User Settings and select Main user 
> group and Member of groups
> only the users who have the required BE access are listed as having a 
> Main user group or being a member of a group.
> The users who are not listed are members of other groups and if I put 
> them in the group that is listed (see above) then they are listed in 
> that group, so it looks to me as if there is something about the group, 
> rather than the users that I have not set up correctly.
> How do I make a user group and "Main user gropu"?
> Michael.
I think I have an answer to my own question:

It looks to me, having done some testing, as if the problem I  was 
having was due to setting the "lock to domain" field in the new groups.

I have seen in the documentation the suggestion (but not requirement) of 
setting up two sets of groups - one for what categories of people can 
do, such as editor, chief editor, news reporter, etc, and then a second 
set of groups which define which sites the user has access to.  Then 
give each user membership of two groups - one to define their role, the 
other to define which site they can access.

It seems to me that setting the "lock to domain" defines the group as 
not a "Main user group", which presumably is the group that defines the 
role, and not the site.

I'd be interested to know if my assumptions are correct.

BTW my question (minus the typos) was:

How do I make a user group a "Main user group"?

The answer to which is: Don't set the "lock to domain" field for the group.


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