[TYPO3] Menu of subpages

Rakowski Tomasz raczek at open.infi.pl
Tue Sep 26 14:36:47 CEST 2006

JoH napisał(a):
>> thx, but my idea is to have it working without expanding all submenus
>> at the beginning - they should expand only after clicking on them;
>> I have very complicated menu structure and it would look ugly if I had
>> expanded all menus at once.
> And exactly this is the reason why you should not use
> special = directory
> By definition this won't expand the submenus autmatically, since it has been
> created to insert simple menus as content elements.
> If you want the whole menu to expand automatically based on the
> current/active rootline, you must switch to
> entryLevel = XYZ
> instead.
> XYZ has to be replaced with a number that can be zero, positive or negative
> 0 stands for the rootpage itself.
> Positive values are absolute values so 1 will always mark level 1
> Negative values are relative values based on the level the visitor is
> currently viewing.
> So -1 will mark the current level, -2 marks the level of the parent page and
> so on until you reach the rootpage.
> There are different approaches to combine entryLevel and special, but this
> is not recommended according to the comments in the code, since it could
> give you unexpected results.
> Joey

My menu:

  - Level1.1

So maybe I have wrong approach, because I want to display on my site in 
three different places three levels of menu presented above,
so let's say in the place A I want to have subpages of Level1, in the 
place B subpages of Level2 and in the place C subpages of Level3.

How to do this without special = directory or special = list.
I don't want it to be dependent from actual position in rootline.

Maybe you have some solution for this?

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