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JoH info at cybercraft.de
Tue Sep 26 14:52:02 CEST 2006

> My menu:
> RooT
> -Level1
>   - Level1.1
> -Level2
>   -Level2.1
>   -Level2.2
>    -Level2.2.1
> -Level3
>   -Level3.1
>   -Level3.2
> So maybe I have wrong approach, because I want to display on my site
> in three different places three levels of menu presented above,
> so let's say in the place A I want to have subpages of Level1, in the
> place B subpages of Level2 and in the place C subpages of Level3.
> How to do this without special = directory or special = list.
> I don't want it to be dependent from actual position in rootline.
> Maybe you have some solution for this?

So your initial question was a bit misleading, since "Level1" doesn't seem
to be a real level in this case but just a page on the same level as
"Level2". If you need just the subpages of these 3 different main pages you
can do this with "special = list" or "special = directory", but it will not
work if you expect the next levels to expand automatically.

One solution could be to use entryLevel and set it to the level of those 3
main pages and remove the pages you don't want to see in the menu.


entryLevel = 1
excludeUidList = 12,34,56

This is just the opposite of special = list, since you don't list the pages
you want to see but those you want to be removed and you will preserve the
automatic expansion of sublevels this way.


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