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JoH info at cybercraft.de
Tue Sep 26 14:29:33 CEST 2006

> thx, but my idea is to have it working without expanding all submenus
> at the beginning - they should expand only after clicking on them;
> I have very complicated menu structure and it would look ugly if I had
> expanded all menus at once.

And exactly this is the reason why you should not use

special = directory

By definition this won't expand the submenus autmatically, since it has been
created to insert simple menus as content elements.

If you want the whole menu to expand automatically based on the
current/active rootline, you must switch to

entryLevel = XYZ


XYZ has to be replaced with a number that can be zero, positive or negative

0 stands for the rootpage itself.
Positive values are absolute values so 1 will always mark level 1
Negative values are relative values based on the level the visitor is
currently viewing.
So -1 will mark the current level, -2 marks the level of the parent page and
so on until you reach the rootpage.

There are different approaches to combine entryLevel and special, but this
is not recommended according to the comments in the code, since it could
give you unexpected results.


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