[TYPO3] PROPOSED EXTENSION for Google's shopping cart called Checkout

Jan-Hendrik Heuing [DD] jhh at digitaldistrict.de
Sat Sep 23 11:10:44 CEST 2006

If you get something sorted out, also get in touch with Ingo, 
is at marketing-factory.de, to coordinate integration into the new commerce 


"Charles Coleman" <c.coleman at rapidfyre.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:mailman.1.1158947318.16879.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> Now HERE is something well worth making an extension for!  First, what is 
> Google Checkout and the Google Checkout API?  Read here to find out more:
> http://checkout.google.com/sell
> If we supported Google Checkout, I believe we could be listed on the list 
> of Google Checkout supported shopping carts shown here... please correct 
> me if I am wrong.  This would bring us a great amount of interested web 
> traffic wanting to integrate Google Checkout.
> http://checkout.google.com/seller/integrate.html
> There are also incentives for doing integrating it :)
> https://services.google.com/inquiry/checkout_merchant_referrals
> Google Checkout is a fairly new service but will soon be prevalent on the 
> web due to the ease of use for customers registering their information 
> only once.  It will then "follow" them to every Google Checkout enabled 
> shopping cart.  We have a great opportunity to attact many new customers 
> to Typo3 by showing our progressive approach to web technology.
> I discussed this in the typo3.projects.tt-products news group... here is a 
> quote from that discussion...
> <!-- Begin Quote -->
> The best thing is to make an extension [for Google Checkout] implementing 
> tx_paymentlib, which  is a eneralization of online payment methods.
> This will make integration of online payments in extension XYZ much easier 
> and can be done in a more "clean" way.
> I know Franz Holzinger is looking for funds to integrate tx_paymentlib 
> with tt_products.
> <!-- End Quote -->
> So.... what do you think?  Is this a worthy extension or am I full of hot 
> air?

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