[TYPO3] Help with malfunctioning BE web and view modules.

Rodrigo Cea public at altamira.cl
Thu Sep 21 05:07:31 CEST 2006

The Web and File modules suddenly stopped working on a 1.5 year old 
site, using TYPO3 Ver. 3.7.0.
When I try to open "page", "view", etc., I get "Error! The page did not 
exist or was inaccessible. Reason: Segment "typo3" was not a keyword for 
a postVarSet as expected!"

The URL of the frame with the error is of the form: 

Whereas the User and Tools modules work, and the URL of their frames is 
of the form:

The site itself is working fine, but I can't edit it and am starting to 
get nervous.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the repost, I really need to 
fix this.


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