[TYPO3] Help with malfunctioning BE web and view modules.

Rodrigo Cea public at altamira.cl
Mon Sep 25 04:16:54 CEST 2006

Some more info (just in case some kind soul feels like helping me out):

the problem is in the output of the "/typo3/alt_mainu.php" file's ouput, 
which for the web and file modules screws up the link urls like so:

it generates URLS of the form: 

Notice the "%2F" instead of "/", I assume this is on purpose, but the 
fact is that the final URLs have all the "%2F"s in them, which give an 
error. If I manually switch the "%2F"s to "/", the URLs work. So I'm 
thinking that some function that should translate these characters isn't 
working for some reason.


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