[TYPO3] Basic fundamental typoscript question- how do I get only ONE of a columns content objects?

Mike php at talkingspider.com
Thu Sep 21 01:37:38 CEST 2006

In the Typo3 back end there are four columns Left, Normal, Right 
Border.  You can add multiple content objects to each of them.  How 
do I get one and only ONE particular content object in the Left 
column.  Say, a "Text" object.  How do I refer to it?    Let's say 
it's the second one on the list.

I know how to refer to the entire column, 
style.content.getLeft.  What I WANT is 

PS I can't refer to it by database ID because this is supposed to be 
a template. So "for all of my pages, how do I refer to their left 
columns second content element".

And, while I'm typing, how do I get the root page's second one down 
on the left column? thank you

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