[TYPO3] totally transparent background in gifbuilder

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Mon Sep 11 12:42:07 CEST 2006

> dear Dmitry I've seen that post and i  haven't found an anwser :(
> only this:
>> 1) Change the background color of the GIFBUILDER to create an outline
>> using
>> a color with less contrast to make it "invisible"
>> 2) Don't make a transparent image at all but use GIFBUILDER to
>> insert the background image as another layer. (Can be done with
>> IMAGE elements and m.mask, m.bgImg too, if you don#t want to use
> fi you could please tell me how to make it truly invisible ;)

Depends on the shape of the content that will still be visible.

If you've got rectangular content like boxes or images you can simply set
backgroundColor and transparentColor to the same value.

If there are rounded or sloped shapes (i.e. letters of a font you are using
in GIFBUILDER) you have to disable antialiasing and nicetext to get sharp
edges, but this will lead to a very ugly look and therefor I would not
recommend it.

In these cases you could use the workaround described in the thread you
already found and use the background image as a GIFBUILDER background. With
some cropping you will get the area that fits the position of your image and
with some masking you can still make it transparent but leave the
anitaliased borders visible.

See something similar here: www.nenni-art.de


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