[TYPO3] totally transparent background in gifbuilder

Tomasz Trznadel tdi666 at op.pl
Mon Sep 11 11:29:31 CEST 2006

dear Dmitry I've seen that post and i  haven't found an anwser :( only this:

> 1) Change the background color of the GIFBUILDER to create an outline 
> using
> a color with less contrast to make it "invisible"
> 2) Don't make a transparent image at all but use GIFBUILDER to insert the
> background image as another layer. (Can be done with IMAGE elements and
> m.mask, m.bgImg too, if you don#t want to use GIFBUILDER)

fi you could please tell me how to make it truly invisible ;)

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> Hi!
> Tomasz Trznadel wrote:
>> is it possible to make transparent background instead of background with 
>> a color.
> I remember similar question was here one or two months ago. There was an 
> answer. I do not remember the exact solution but try searching archives, 
> may be you will find it.
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