[TYPO3] Extensions and GPL

Rudy Gnodde gnodde.rudy at wag.nl
Fri Sep 8 12:34:25 CEST 2006

> > There is no way to avoid GPL when writing plugins for TYPO3.
> > 
> Sorry, Dimitry: this is not correct. We've had this 
> discussion already several times at the different NGs. Pls 
> check the archieves.
> Regs. Peter.

Parts of an extension can be non-GPL (usually libraries). The link with
Typo3 (anything that uses Typo3 functions, can not be used without
Typo3, etc) has to be GPL though (in this the GPL is not "free" at all).
So you can't completely avoid GPL when making extensions.


Rudy Gnodde
WIND Internet

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