[TYPO3] Running multiple sites, caching static pages?

He Shiming (NOSPAM) mailbill at 21cn.com.nospam
Mon Sep 4 07:35:29 CEST 2006

"Nagita Karunaratne" <nagita.k at gmail.com> wrote in message 
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>I think T3 already caches pages. There are extensions that make the cache
> faster but it is already built in. I don't think you have to manually add
> and link static files. But anyone correct me if this is incorrect.

I'm aware of the typo3 internal cache. But as far as performance is 
concerned, static files are still way faster than cached pages. You can test 
the performance on your own, and I'm sure you'll see the difference.

Best regards,
He Shiming 

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