[TYPO3] Running multiple sites, caching static pages?

Nagita Karunaratne nagita.k at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 07:00:16 CEST 2006

I think T3 already caches pages. There are extensions that make the cache
faster but it is already built in. I don't think you have to manually add
and link static files. But anyone correct me if this is incorrect.

On 9/3/06, He Shiming NOSPAM <mailbill at 21cn.com.nospam> wrote:
> Hi,
> By using domain records, typo3 is capable of running multiple websites
> through one instance of the typo3 system. But to accomplish this, we'll
> have
> to configure apache to point the virtual host of both domain to the same
> path, where typo3 is located. This brings up a problem.
> I've been using wget to fetch those most popular pages (can't use static
> publish because RealURL is used) on my site, and upload them to the
> website,
> because nothing can beat the performance of static files. But it seems
> that
> if I were to run multiple sites, I would no longer be able to use this
> approach. The obvious reason is that by putting a static file like this,
> the
> URL of http://sitea/products/overview.html, will have the same content as
> http://siteb/products/overview.html .
> My question is, is it possible for typo3 to look for the static files in
> alternative paths? Hopefully, to configure one path for each domain
> record.
> Best regards,
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> He Shiming
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