[TYPO3] Running multiple sites, caching static pages?

He Shiming (NOSPAM) mailbill at 21cn.com.nospam
Mon Sep 4 06:16:31 CEST 2006


By using domain records, typo3 is capable of running multiple websites 
through one instance of the typo3 system. But to accomplish this, we'll have 
to configure apache to point the virtual host of both domain to the same 
path, where typo3 is located. This brings up a problem.

I've been using wget to fetch those most popular pages (can't use static 
publish because RealURL is used) on my site, and upload them to the website, 
because nothing can beat the performance of static files. But it seems that 
if I were to run multiple sites, I would no longer be able to use this 
approach. The obvious reason is that by putting a static file like this, the 
URL of http://sitea/products/overview.html, will have the same content as 
http://siteb/products/overview.html .

My question is, is it possible for typo3 to look for the static files in 
alternative paths? Hopefully, to configure one path for each domain record.

Best regards,
He Shiming

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